This is my NAS Hosted Homepage

There will be interesting things here, sometime

I hope.

What is this place?

Posted by Jeff M

This is the NAS Hosted Homepage of Jeff

I'm not a fan of the cloud, rather I like the fog. The fog is like the cloud but doesn't use someone else's computers.

This site is my attempt at taking my homepage to the fog. My current homepage is hosted on someone else's computers, and they are great guys so they will continue to host my personal email and anything that I want to be very reliable (like my business site), but my personal page is likely going to transfer here over time.

The goal of this place is to survive forever, well maybe. I want this to work with as few dependancies as possible, so no databases and no scripting (maybe). I'm hoping that it will be ALL HTML and CSS, something that you can always open without me changing things.

The things that you can do with CSS these days, like making the entire site mobile responsive, is amazing. This is where I will spend some time learning. Over time I will probably run small projects that will depend on scripting and databases, but I want to following the programming world DRY philosophy. Don't Repeat Yourself

So when I post something I want that page to work for many many years.